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Does It Work


Does it work?

If you’ve gotten this far, we’re impressed.  But more than that, it means that something resonates with you.  Whether it’s the tips for Facebook or the general “work smart” approach, something compelled you to buy or read this book.

The process of creating “The Analysis of Hype” utilized all of the advice offered within it.  We marketed and promoted the book with all of the tools described, and we tried to (in our own minds) imagine that we were musicians with a new disc coming out.  How would we make create an impression and environment that was conducive to sales and promotion.

First things first, we calculated cost.  How much would it cost to prepare the book (both in time and money), what was the cost to get the product to the consumer (materials, shipping, etc.) and lastly, did we have something that was actually worth putting out.  To that end, we had a portion of the book available for free.  We used those free chapters to measure interest (and yes, drive sales!).

Better than that, anyone who purchases the eBook (which costs the least amount of money) actually brings more money in for us.  The eBook has zero printing, shipping, or handling costs.  It’s “virtual” merchandise and thus 100% profit.

All in all, and to date, the book hasn’t made outrageous amounts of money.  It’s made a respectable profit, but we’re not dialing the Ferrari dealership quite yet.  But, and most importantly, we didn’t lose any money in the process.  The net result is that we’re moving our “career” forward.  That’s what you want as a musician:  every step is a forward one.

We all hope that this has been a helpful experience, and if it has let us know![1]


[1] If it hasn’t, let us know too … just nicely.

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