About the Book

The Analysis of Hype was born when my inbox filled up with ways to save my music career.  If I signed up with this company, they guaranteed I’d sell 10,000 records.  Then there was the company that guaranteed me 5,000 Twitter followers overnight.  There was a major company that promised to get my band’s music into some big deal movie. Not surprisingly, none of these companies had any significant impact on any band I’d ever heard of.

Unfortunately, though part of the biz, there’s a lot of bullshit floating around the music industry.  Not surprisingly, there are lots of companies banking on the hopes and dreams of anyone that’s ever picked up an instrument or submitted an EPK.  Most of these companies and bands fail to understand the dynamic that exists between bands, their fans, and how they’re marketed.

Marketing is often what gets you noticed more than your music.  We all know about the bands that suck, but they’re raking in cash.  That’s usually because of a savvy marketer (or an uncle that runs a record label…).

The Analysis of Hype unlocks the art of online music marketing with easily understandable, straight-forward explanations.  It offers directly applicable tips to artists at all levels, and it seeks to demystify the industry and help smarter musicians make better music.

Are you ready?